The AWC (Adaptive Weight Control) uses real-time monitoring of melt pressure, temperature, and injection speed to ensure consistent part weight and reduce material waste.


The AWC (Adaptive Weight Control) process begins by setting a target weight for the part being produced. As the machine begins to inject the molten plastic into the mold, sensors monitor the melt pressure to ensure that the plastic is being injected at the correct rate and under the correct conditions. The system uses this data to calculate the right process configuration for the part.

If the system detects that the weight of the part is deviating from the target weight, it will recommend new process parameters for next cycle. For example, it might recommend new switchover point or holding pressure to ensure that the plastic is being injected in the correct volume to achieve the target weight. By making these recommendations, the system can ensure that next part is produced with preferred weight and quality.

This process can help to reduce material waste and improve overall efficiency by minimizing the amount of plastic needed to produce each part. It can also help to improve product quality by ensuring that each part is produced with the correct weight and dimensions.

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